Replacement bolt for Kiravans Double Swivel System

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Lukas Blohm
Kaputtes Anbauteil

Bei mir war ein Knauf von einer Schraube gebrochen und auf Nachfrage habe ich ein Ersatzteil kostenlos zugesendet bekommen.

Sven Cermann
Perfect service

Very quick delivery, fitting perfectly, thanks for this good service

Excellent advice, fast delivery,

Very pleased will buy again from these experts

Louise Oakley
Excellent service

On our first attempt to swivel our seat we discovered one of the bolts was damaged. A quick email to Kiravans and the replacement bolt was received. Excellent service and fast delivery service. I would definitely recommend them. Many thanks.

Steven Bruce
Securing bolt for swivel seat

After damaging original bolt I though I would have difficulty getting replacement. But a few clicks later on the internet I got my replacement. So simple to order and arrived within the week. Also it was straight forward to replace the old bolt .

Ben A
Quick service

A high quality replacement after dropping the seat unit on the original


If your swivel was damaged in transit we will happily send you one of these replacement bolts free of charge - please just give us a call.

This replacement bolt does not include the nut and washer as these can be reused from your existing one. 


This is not a difficult job but if you don’t have access to reasonably good tools and some thread lock we recommend that you ask a mechanic to do it.

  1. Slacken the screw about one turn from the ‘locked down’ position.
  2. Use a spanner to grip the nut or wedge something between it and the guide to prevent it rotating. 
  3. Use a vice-grip to catch the bolt below the knob and unscrew it from the nut. It is secured with thread lock but should not be difficult to unscrew. 
  4. Be careful not to lose either the waved washer above the nut or the flat washer below it. 
  5. Reassemble using the new screw. 
  6. When all the components are in place, position the nut about 3 turns down from the shoulder on the bolt and apply thread lock to the bolt threads above the nut. 
  7. Then tighten the nut up against the shoulder of the bolt. Allow some time for the thread lock to set.

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